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  • Aaron Parecki @veganstraightedge @jlsuttles Sweet! I was literally just having a conversation in IRC about this today:
    Santa Clara, California, USA
  • Now my site credits the app that was used to post notes, like this one! (See "Posted using" in the sidebar)
  • Testing a new sample app that posts notes to your site using Micropub!
  • Thinking about two-factor auth at a nano level, requiring human confirmation before any client can actually post to your site via your micropub endpoint. For example, I sign in to barnaby's experimental Taproot interface but don't trust it entirely yet. Instead of giving him blanket access to post to my site, every time his app makes a request to my micropub endpoint, it goes and asks me for confiramtion before publishing. Either OOB confirmation (2-factor auth via SMS or something) or an OAuth-like confirmation dialog from the same browser window. #indieauth #micropub #2fa
    Portland, Oregon, USA