Low Friction Personal Data Collection

Event: Quantified Self Global Conference
Location: San Francisco

Presented at quantifiedself.com/conference/San-Francisco-2013/

Location, sleep and weight are the three things Aaron has managed to track consistently. Combining these data sources helped him learn new things about himself.

IFTTT Recipe

Below is a link and information about the IFTTT recipe mentioned in the presentation which is how I get my weight data from the Withings scale onto my website.


Create a filter in Gmail to catch and forward this email like the following:

Matches: from:(action@ifttt.com) subject:withings
Do this: Skip Inbox, Mark as read, Forward to withings@example.com

Handle the email to withings@example.com on your server, using something like mailgun.com or and parse out all the values with a regular expression such as /([a-z_]+): ([0-9\.%]+)<br>/